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Safe Cover is sold also in retail stores. Usually it is placed along the picnic products (plastic forks, knifes, plates, etc.). There are special multi-packs prepared. The packs will contain 5 Safe Covers in different colors, in near future there will be also bigger packages available, containing 15 Safe Cover Classic and 5 Safe Cover Mini products. If you are interested in selling Safe Cover products in your retail stores, do not hesitate to contact us

There are several POS (point of sale) products available, boosting your sales. Here are display boxes, which offer easy and effective implementation of Safe Cover products onto shelves, while promoting the product use. Further we offer Parasit stands, which can be mounted directly on the edges of shelves, directly in the position of beverage cans shelves. Self-standing shelves made of cardboard are in use everywhere where bigger attention is needed, our promo-counters are used for specific daily promotional activities regardless the position.

Promo Box

Printed POS box, visually explaining product usage to potential customers. Dimensions: 15x20x30cm.

Cardboard Stand

Stand-alone cardboard stand for promoting Safe Cover products on different locations thru-out the store. Standardly holds 12 Promo boxes.

Wall mounted rack

Easy mountable on either shelf sides or walls, offering our products to be displayed nearby beverages sections.

Promotional stand

Easy assembling promotional stand for in-store promotions of Safe Cover products.