About us

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Company Safe Cover d.o.o was established with intention of selling and licencing of a patented product Safe Cover worldwide. Our offices are stationed in Ljubljana, as a member of technology park; TEHNOLOŠKI PARK 18, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenija, Europe. Our objectives are production, selling and distribution of entire spectre of Safe Cover products. Safe Cover d.o.o. endeavors to meet wishes and demands of users from all over the world. Logistics and right-on-time delivery of high quality products are basic principles of our staff.


During development and testing of Safe Cover products all energy was focused towards users experience. If user of a Safe Cover products will be satisfied using them, he will return over and over again. Of course, this all cannot be done without you, dear customers. Your comments, praise and critics are conscientiously recorded so in future, we will be able to create even better products. Informations regarding our company you can find under “contacts”.